We design and build secure Extranet Applications

Based on Visual Studio, Microsoft TSQL 2014 operating on Windows Enterprise Virtual Servers securely operating in our own server farm; our applications are working in some remarkable places, providing robust and reliable functionality: securely. Our over-riding principle is that users of our software should be able to achieve their required outcomes without detailed knowledge of complex HTML or SQL code. 

For over 20 years we have designed many applications, often to integrate with other systems - especially Excel. We build APIs for our own use and connect to 3rd party APIs to provide inter-connectivity for our users. 


ManagerPro Ltd

Experts in secure web applications, using T-SQL. 


Generally, we work in an informal style.


We build in Chrome, and test in Firefox IE and Safari. 


How most of our software works:

We have a major piece of work that is our "Full System" - this is accessed through the security system and delivers full accounting, CRM and project management applications.  Security is based on User logon, and membership of secure groups, and Roles.  Secure Groups award permission level access (numeric) to users to specific applications (numeric). 

Different levels of permission allow the user to see or amend items in the page. There are levels up to Administrator level, and above that a Master Admin level. 
Roles are flags that allow the user access to an application. Without the role flag, the user is not able to view any part of the application. 

Menu items are set up within a Dynamic Content Manager (DCM): each menu item can be set to require a Role or Permission level to view or amend.
There may be an unlimited number of DCMs in the database. 
Web site Content items are set up within the content menu structure, and they can be set to require permission levels. 
All of the specialist CRM, Accounting, Project Management, TARA and VAT applications are stand alone - but use system core services.

When we design updates, they are made "soft" where possible, so that users of the system can switch them on or off very simply. 

Have further questions? Want to know more about how the system works?

Contact us on businessGTUK@gmail.com

Or - david.lynch@managerpro.net